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“I don’t know myself some times, or how to measure and name and count out the grains that make me what I am.” 

Virginia Woolf, The Waves


Here’s what I do know about myself………


I’m a serial entrepreneur, but I like the term “passionpreneur” because I’m crazy about what I do and fortunate enough to have worked within the Arts sector for most of my career. 

My Father (Bernie) used to say, “Do something you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life,” and that sums up where I’m at right now—loving it! 

Live Music Tragic

Music was always big in my family; we all learned instruments and would sing along to anything and everything. I joined my first band at age fifteen and have been in and out of rock’n’roll ever since. I realized that side of stage, back of stage, and the music business, charmed me as much as performing. Very long story very short, I have owned and operated three live music venues, two in Melbourne, Australia, and one in Zhongshan, China. I consider myself a Live Music Tragic Crusader!

Rock Chick Gone Jazz

A rock chick at heart, I spent over a decade of my youth singing and treading the (sticky) boards on a full-time basis. It had been a long time between songs, but a strange series of events led me to sing with a jazz band in China in my late forties, and now I’m back to performing with my jazz-tastic musical partner in crime, Stephen Blackburn, in ‘Blackburn or Bust.’

Art & Design Junkie

Visual arts also played a significant part and led me to the curation of two Galleries, which tipped me over to the world of interior design. Next to music, it has been a lifelong preoccupation. I’m into eclectic style, and as a licensed antique dealer, I get very excited about old lovelies lingering around new works.

Jimmy Hornet Magazine

I love to write, and I have done so for many music magazines over the years. During the pandemic, with venue doors closed for months, months, and then more months, I turned our newsletter into a digital magazine. What started as a project to keep me out of trouble turned into an obsession. I am excited to be launching the magazine in full-blown, very sexy PRINT!

Family & Friends

I’m the blessed mother of two marvelous sons, daughter of the greatest man on earth, and partner to the second greatest….he’s got time to catch up. 

My mother, two sisters, and brother are proof to me that blood really is thicker than water.

I’m an introverted loner, who loves deeply, and that can be a bit confusing for those close to me. Fortunately, most persevere.

Dog person with two dachshunds. 

See my Career Timeline

Onward and upward!