Making a Music Video but don’t know how to release it?

Here Anthea Palmer provides you with tips on how to launch and be seen. Watch the video or read the Tips below to discover how to Launch Your Music Video. NB: The Tips below are brief notes, there is more detail in the video.

Discover how to Launch Your Music Video by following these Tips.

Tip 1. What do you want to achieve from the video release?

Do you want media attention? Is your priority to build your mailing list? Are you wanting to make a big impact on social media? First, decide what you really want this release to do for you.

Tip 2. Don’t get caught up in purely the creating.

Many musicians allocate an abundance of time and money to the creative process of making the video. Although it’s fun get in front of a camera and/or be creative, remember that time and money must also be spent on releasing the video. No point having a great clip that no-one ever sees.

Tip 3.Check out the competition

Research how your competitors or peers went about releasing their clips. This is a great way to get ideas and also discover what worked….or didn’t work. Learn what you can from the experience of others.

Tip 4. Hold a Launch Party

Hosting a video launch event can be very beneficial. Hire a big screen and let your audience see the clip for the first time. Think outside the box and do something different. Watch the video for suggestions.

Tip 5. Press Release essential

Write a great Press Release, or have one written for you by an expert, to ensure you attract some media attention.

Tip 6. Offer Exclusive Screening to Influencers

Tip 7. Utilise Your TRIBE

Ask your super fans if they will spread the word on their own social media.

Tip 8. Cooperate with other Bands / Peers

Team up with similar bands to see if you can help each other with co-promotion.

Tip 9. Continue to Promote the Video after the Launch

Don’t stop just because your launch is out of the way. You must keep promoting the video for at least three months to achieve the best return possible on your time and money investment.

Tip 10. Create content around your Video and Launch to assist you with further promotion.

Tip 11. Consider a Video Distribution Service

Tip 12. Ensure your Youtube Channel and Video is optimized

Tip 13. Consider Hiring a Publicist

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How to Launch Your Music Video

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